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MRHS hosts long-awaited Alumni Concert

Annual Winter Concert at MRHS

MRHS' Production of
The Brightest Thing (or the Squonk Play)

Behind the scene photos!

All Cape and Islands
Music Festival

On Wednesday, November 16, 26 Monomoy High School vocalists and instrumentalists auditioned for the All Cape and Islands Music Festival.


Of these, 18 were vocalists, and the music department is THRILLED to announce that all 18 successfully auditioned and will be performing in February.

In the Treble Choir:
Britanya Bucknor-Alto
Leyla Holmes-Alto

Isadora Alexis-Soprano
Orla Delany-Soprano
Lily Alonso-Soprano
Emma Capen-Soprano
Olivia Ferer-Soprano
Rhiannon Vos-Soprano
Alexis Arruda-Alto 

Payton MacRoberts-Alto 

In the Mixed Choir:

Dahlia Viprino-Soprano

Aimee Quinn-Soprano
Kaeleigh Bourgea-Alto
McKenna Carchedi-Alto
Emory Hines-Alto
Julia Morgan-Alto
Zay-Dah Thomas-Alto
Tyler Brackett-Bass


Agnese Cattadori (Cello, 4th chair)
Isaiah Woodland (principal flute, 1st chair)

Simon MacBride (Drums)

Concert Band:
Edrian Wright – Trombone 1.1
Lilly Gould – Alto Sax seat 3
Abigail Consedine – Alto Sax seat 4

Senior Southeastern MA District Music Festival 2022 Audition Results

Isadora Alexis (Soprano)
Alexis Arruda (Alto)
Kaeleigh Bourgea (Alto)

Britanya Bucknor (Alto)

Orla Delaney (Soprano)

Emory Hines (Alto)
Leyla Holmes (Alto)

Aimee Quinn (Soprano)

Isaiah Woodland (Flute)

Edrian Wright (Trombone)

Britanya Bucknor, Orla Delaney, and Edrian Wright scored high enough to qualify to audition for the All-State Music Festival!

Edrian Wright was the top scorer for trombone (1st chair) which puts him in the orchestra.

Check out the images below of our wonderful and talented band and chorus students!